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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the programmes offered by ERK?

We offer courses from School Education from Primary to Higher Secondary(LKG to 12th STD) and After School courses in the field of Arts, Science, Education(BEd) and Paramedical and Pharmacy. Arts and Science stream offers UG, PG, Research Programmes like MPhil and PhD and Paramedical courses like Health Inspector/Sanitary Inspector, ANM Nursing, Diplomo in Pharmacy(D.Pharm) and Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharm). 


When does the admission start?

Admission starts usually from April 14th of every year.


What is the fees structure of courses?

Fee starts from around 10k per year for School, 8k for Arts and 30-55k per term for paramedical courses.

Tuition fees as per Government Norms. 


How should we pay fees?

Fees can be paid in several installments through Cash physically in the Counter or through Online by UPI, Debit Card, Bank Transfer and Net Banking. 


can we avail scholarship from government?

Yes, You can avail all the benefits from Government. Necessary support would be provided by institution.


What are the paramedical courses offered by ERK?

We offer four paramedical courses such as Diplomo in Health Inspector/Sanitary Inspector, ANM Nursing, Diplomo in Pharmacy(D.Pharm) and Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharm). Among these B.Pharm is the only degree course with 4 year – 8 semester. The Rest are diplomo courses with 2 year duration and non-semester.


Can we start a Pharmacy with D.Pharm?

Yes, You can start your own pharmacy with Diplomo in Pharmacy(D.Pharm). Even with Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharm) or other higher degrees.


what is the age limit for health inspector?

Age Limit : 30 years for studying Diplomo in Health Inspector or MPHW or Sanitary Inspector


Are health inspector and Sanitary inspector same?

Both are same differs only in the post of employment in different fields. Actual Course name is Multi Purpose Health Worker or Diplomo in Health Inspector or Sanitary Inspector 


what is the age limit for ANM nursing and Pharmacy courses?

Age Limit : 35 years for ANM and 30 years for HI. There is no age limit for other courses as of 2021.